If you’ve ever wanted to get rid of the rotten feeling in your stomach, the sweat-inducing anxiety in your heart, or the multiple bowling balls worth of fat off your body, you are not alone. But there’s an insane amount of health and wellness advice out there, and it’s hard to know what you should actually do, and how.

There is no easy answer. I am not here to tell you another internet secret. But I can attempt to help you figure out what is important, and arm you with simple knowledge that has helped me through the challenges of modern adult living.

Where do I start?
Actual Medical Advice

Weight Loss

Weight loss is very simple. Burn more calories than you take in, and you will lose weight. What’s hard is:

  • Staying active.
  • Managing hunger.
  • Eating right.
  • Kicking your sugar addiction.

Through the sections below, I hope to help you as much as I can with these difficult tasks.


Exercise is tough. But without it, you will not hit your goals. Moving is your only defense against aging, and getting fit not only helps you lose the weight, it’s the necessary component to keeping it off.

Bonus: working out helps you cope with stress, sleep better, and more thoroughly enjoy resting!

Burn it off!
Keep it off!
Keep it up!

Healthy Eating

We have two simple goals: take in less, and take in only what is right.

The Right Diet
Proper Proportions