Tabletop Prototypes

I am always tinkering with new game ideas, and would love feedback on my current projects!
Please check out what I have and feel free to print, play, share, and comment!


Archdruid is a competitive puzzle/handbuilding game for 2-4 players. It takes 5 minutes to set up, 10 minutes to learn, and about an hour to play. Its ramping complexity will interest the mid-hardcore gamer crowd.

Check out my 4 minute video pitch!


Pocket Ships

If you’ve got 15-20 minutes to kill, this game can fill it with a pleasant mix of variety-through-dice-rolling and tough, tactical decision making.

Pocket Ships

Tabletop RPGs

I have spent a huge chunk of my game design studies focusing on tabletop RPGs. Below are my favorite among those I have created.


A hectic, one-act style RPG about a group of combining-robot pilots that are forced to work through their interpersonal issues in order to succeed.

This game was completed as part of the 200-word RPG challenge. It was a ton of fun to make, a challenge to slim & trim, and absolutely worth the half hour or so it takes to play!

South of West

Be a Bardito, Salsarer, Sour Cream Slinger, or any of the other 5 playbooks you’ll find in SoW, and survive the chaos that always seems to seep into the queso at Adjacent to the Border!

SoW is a West of Loathing inspired RPG that hacks the popular PbtA engine to create a slapstick comedy adventure about food, food fights, and food puns. It is best for shorter, one-shot style games, able to handle you as long as you can handle it!


Hostargo is a weird-tech western; a tabletop-top role playing game about badass officers of the law, enforcing order in an overcrowded city-state where wealth and power beyond imagination is being mined from a lonely mountain. One wrong move could blow the town to bits: either from the volatile magical energy stored beneath the mountain, or from a frustrated populace ready to riot.

My white whale project of many years, I have poured my best ideas and hardest effort into forging the best TTRPG I can. And it’s not finished. But, feel free to check out what I have, and follow me on our blog as I explore the last legs of this epic journey.