Keep it off!

Get strong.

Building muscle gives you a greater calorie burn rate per day, even when you don’t exercise. I have found the 5x5 strategy to be both effective and rewarding.

Do 5 sets of 5 reps of whatever strength exercise you can. Three times a week.

Always be progressing. Start with 1 exercise; maybe push-ups. Then add another. Then add another. Then get some weights. Then get a bench.

Mix it up. Routines are good. Habits are great. But your body will be more rounded if you do different things to work it out. Whenever you start to feel your exercises get samey, progress!

You will start to feel it after about a month. That’s a long time to do something with little results, but do it for a month, one day it will hit you: you are doing more, lifting harder, and working less. And that feeling is going to be worth it.